How I view anyone’s private photos on Facebook

That’s right. Not a click bait title. I tried searching up one of my cute co-workers at a job I just started working at. I had some small chit chat with her during work. Once I got home I couldn’t stop thinking of her, so I searched her up on Facebook to get a glimpse of what she’s like. To my not so unpleasant surprise her profile was pretty much all private. None of her photos were public except her profile pictures. So now I had to find a way to view private profiles on Facebook.

Facebook Private Profile viewer

I did a little digging and found out that you can actually see someone’s private pics without having to be friends with them. I was able to see her private photos with the help of this app called BookUnlockr. It basically unlocks the whole profile. So no matter what privacy settings they used for their posts, you can see it like it’s fully public. Even posts they’ve set for only themselves to be able to see.

I found out some things about this girl that I never thought she’d be into. Like cryptocurrencies & fast electric cars. Makes it a lot easier for me to get her talking about things she’s passionate about. I even came across things she’s been sharing only to herself, things I can’t mention here haha. She even had private albums that I was able to check out. Man oh man… I hit gold. She keeps everything clean if you know what I mean lol.

I highly recommend you try out the app if you need to do some “investigating”. It’s one of the easiest apps to use that I’ve come across. I didn’t even need a computer. It hacked her Facebook profile all from my iPhone X.

I Unlocked the Skeleton Barrel for Clash Royale with a Hack

skeleton barrel statsThe skeleton barrel is a playable card that you can use right now in the Halloween Draft Challenge taking place in Clash Royale. I didn’t win when I entered nor did I want to spend 50 Gems to enter again. There had to be another way! The good thing is you do get rewarded with a skeleton themed cards for every win along the way. I started looking for something that would give me the cards for free. Then I got lucky and found this Clash Royale hack which I used to instantly unlock 100x skeleton barrel cards.

skeleton barrel hackClash Royale hack perks

The hack also doubled as a Gem generator which is awesome! It let me unlock all the chests I had queued up. I traded in my Gems for gold which I put towards upgrading my cards. I’ve almost upgraded all my common cards to their max level (level 13). My rare, epics, and legendaries are coming up next. I’m finally out of arena 10, making my way up to the champion leagues.

How to use the Skeleton Barrel

Now back to the skeleton barrel card. I love using this card, it’s hilarious when you build up a deck with a bunch of skeletons. Especially when your opponent has no units or spell cards that do splash damage. There is a 0.5-second delay after the barrel pops and when the skeletons actually deploy. What I love doing is having a clone card in my deck in conjunction. Cloning a barrel before it gets near the tower will drop a ton of skeletons for the princess to deal with. Dig up the graveyard card and it will be lights out for that tower.

Here’s a video on how to use the skeleton barrel card more effectively and also how to counter it.

It works great as a tank too and goes well with the hog rider. Plus it’ll do some damage to the tower if it’s able to connect. It’s kind of an awkward unit to counter because you have to train yourself to compensate for that small delay between when the barrel pops and when the skeletons spawn.

Good luck with the skeleton barrel and make sure you check out the hack for Clash Royale! You’ll get free Gems and gold that you can generate in unlimited amounts. It’s nifty having these cheats enabled to give you that advantage over your enemies.

This Twitter hack helped me find out my girlfriend was cheating on me

I’ve been dating my ex for a very long time and it has gotten to the point where I had this feeling that she was cheating on me. She started acting all strange and we started to grow distant. I finally found it was true by hacking into her social media with a Twitter hack. I found all these messages on her Twitter account talking to some other guy. The messages I found were more than enough, her intentions were clear and it was all that I needed to break up with her.

hack Twitter accounts

Yeah, it was an invasion of privacy but I did not care. I didn’t want to waste any more time and money on this person who I thought I loved and was going to spend the rest of my life with. It’s tough, having to start all over again. But it’s necessary in order for me to move on. I hate this feeling so much… but I will manage.

The day that I broke up with her was almost the hardest thing I had to do. We both kind of knew it was going to happen. I didn’t bring up the fact that I hacked into her Twitter account. I just told her how I truly felt and she didn’t put up any kind of resistance at all. There were no tears and she couldn’t even look me in the face. As soon as I walked out the door I could hear her crying. I wanted to go back, I even stood by the door for an hour just trying to let go. After that it was over, I went home and took one of the longest coldest showers to help clear myself. I forced myself not to turn to alcohol to numb the pain.

The next day I trashed everything that reminded me of her. I didn’t bother trying to return anything I just got rid of everything that made any connection to my ex-girlfriend. Some of the more valuable stuff she gave me I sold like a watch that was worth more than a grand. I did take a little vacation to Jamaica with that money but I’ll blog about that another day. Here’s a video showing how beautiful it is over there.

If you’re interested in the Twitter hack that I used you can find it here. I didn’t have to get a hold of my ex’s phone to use it. I downloaded it to my iPhone and entered in my ex’s Twitter username. It logged into her account and I was able to see all her DMs, even the ones she deleted. It’s a powerful hacking tool, without it I probably wouldn’t have been able to make any closure.

Best way to get Unlimited Energy for Last Day on Earth Survival

I searched for some way to get energy for Last Day on Earth Survival without having to wait until it recharged. It’s a pain having to wait a few hours just to play again. I got tired of it, there had to be some kind of hack online that would easily let me run around anywhere without losing any energy. I did a quick search on Google and found a Last Day on Earth: Survival hack that not only promised that I would never run out of energy. It also had the ability to give me coins and use a cheat that would enable god mode. That means I would never die against any zombies I come across. It does kind of suck that it’s disabled if there are other players on the map. It will give you a warning if it’s been disabled. So you don’t end up dying and end up losing all your items. Read More

Why you shouldn’t Hack your girlfriend’s Instagram

Hacked Girlfriends Instagram

I started to get very self-conscious when I noticed my girlfriend was constantly on Instagram.  She’d always be laughing and smiling.  Me being the jealous type got the best of me.  I wanted to spy on what she was looking at or who she was talking to.  I didn’t want to make it obvious, so I used an Instagram hack a friend recommended to me.  Her phone was password protected, and it needed to have her fingerprint scanned before it could be accessed.  Taking her iPhone from her would have been useless. Read More

Don’t know what to do on a date? Play Pokemon Go!

We went Pokemon hunting on our date and had a blast

pikachuI took a wild shot and suggested we go catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I got lucky and she was excited about it. She didn’t seem like the person who is into anime but I was completely wrong. Never judge a book by their cover.

Before the date, I had to find out where all the Pokemon were spawning. I used a Pokemon Go GPS hack and locator to check where the nests were. Any place they were spawning in high numbers with a lot of rares too. The hack also helped me find out where other players currently were hanging out, if I needed to we could avoid huge crowds at any time. I was completely out of Pokeballs but the hacking tool helped me out by giving me a bunch of Pokecoins! I loaded up on a bunch of Pokeballs and potions before heading out. Locked and loaded! I was ready!

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How to hack a Snapchat account in less than a minute

Snapchat dog filterEver since I started using Snapchat I’ve been out and seeing a lot more people, it’s been great! The amount of Snaps I’ve sent have been enormous and my score is over in the 100,000. The use of filters in the App make it so much more fun to too!

I really hit it off on one Tinder date I went on with this beautiful girl, we even started dating a lot more and made it official. We basically communicated through Snapchat after our first date and we saw no reason to text or even call each other because Snapchat pretty much has it all besides calling… (video calling is way better!) I mean what more can you ask for it will: Read More

A night out of Town with the help of Tinder

Dating and relationship seem synonym, if ongoing practices and the overall situation not only in the western but also other societies are considered but in actual as well as in practical there is a sheer difference between both terms. Dating is about to having some type of occasional relationship with some personal or mutual interest but if you have any intention about to convert your dating attitudes into a subtle relationship, so here you need to define or redefine your own boundaries and communication with your pal or partner. Finding someone has gotten a lot easier now that you can use apps like Tinder on your phone.

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