An Amazing Night of Gaming on my Playstation 4 with my Girl

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Since my girlfriend is all the way in France visiting her family we decided to spend our night together playing games on our PS4s. My girlfriend didn’t have Playstation Plus and she didn’t want to spend any money just for one night of gaming. I eventually found a Playstation Plus code generator that gave me a working code for a one-year subscription! It’s more than what we needed but oh well, it was free anyways.

Me and her have this kind of relationship where what we do not matter. We can do the nerdiest things to the most elderly couple type of stuff. But these gaming sessions have to be the most fun. Especially when we’re versing each other in games. She rages so hard it’s hilarious and cute at the same time.

I wanted to test out the PSN code generator some more. So once we finished and ended the night I got up and went straight to my PS4. The code generator says it can also give Playstation store codes so I can basically get anything for free in the store. The only downside to this is that I had no more room left on my PS4’s hard drive. So I had to go through the dreaded task of deleting a ton of games that I don’t play anymore. It sucks when the multiplayer games that I constantly play are huge! I might have to upgrade to a one terabyte hard drive soon.

After running the psn generator app for awhile it gave me 5 codes with $20 values each! This was enough to score me one new game. I went to the code redeeming screen and entered in the code… BAM! It worked! Man I got so excited I told all my friends about it. All of us got working codes and we all downloaded Battlefield 1. We ended up playing for hours through the night. BF1 is just amazing!

Here is a list of what the psn code generator can do:

  • Playstation Plus codes (subscriptions of 12 months)
  • Playstation Store codes (valued at $20 and $50)
  • Change your PSN online ID

Another big thing is the ability to change your PSN online ID. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve been playing online ever since the PS3 came out and I’ve been stuck with a pretty stupid username that I created when I was 13. Being a lot older now, I am regretting every bit of it. When I found out I was able to change my username I was jumping all over the place because I don’t see Sony ever going to allow name changes. It took a day before my online ID actually changed to the username that I wanted. It’s a small wait but worth it.

Playstation 4

If you just bought a PS4 and don’t have any games at the moment, or you do have games just not a Playstation Plus membership. Then I highly recommend you download the PSN code generator. Actually, I don’t recommend you get it, I’m telling you to get it right now! Trust me you’ll love it!

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