I Unlocked the Skeleton Barrel for Clash Royale with a Hack

skeleton barrel statsThe skeleton barrel is a playable card that you can use right now in the Halloween Draft Challenge taking place in Clash Royale. I didn’t win when I entered nor did I want to spend 50 Gems to enter again. There had to be another way! The good thing is you do get rewarded with a skeleton themed cards for every win along the way. I started looking for something that would give me the cards for free. Then I got lucky and found this Clash Royale hack which I used to instantly unlock 100x skeleton barrel cards.

skeleton barrel hackClash Royale hack perks

The hack also doubled as a Gem generator which is awesome! It let me unlock all the chests I had queued up. I traded in my Gems for gold which I put towards upgrading my cards. I’ve almost upgraded all my common cards to their max level (level 13). My rare, epics, and legendaries are coming up next. I’m finally out of arena 10, making my way up to the champion leagues.

How to use the Skeleton Barrel

Now back to the skeleton barrel card. I love using this card, it’s hilarious when you build up a deck with a bunch of skeletons. Especially when your opponent has no units or spell cards that do splash damage. There is a 0.5-second delay after the barrel pops and when the skeletons actually deploy. What I love doing is having a clone card in my deck in conjunction. Cloning a barrel before it gets near the tower will drop a ton of skeletons for the princess to deal with. Dig up the graveyard card and it will be lights out for that tower.

Here’s a video on how to use the skeleton barrel card more effectively and also how to counter it.

It works great as a tank too and goes well with the hog rider. Plus it’ll do some damage to the tower if it’s able to connect. It’s kind of an awkward unit to counter because you have to train yourself to compensate for that small delay between when the barrel pops and when the skeletons spawn.

Good luck with the skeleton barrel and make sure you check out the hack for Clash Royale! You’ll get free Gems and gold that you can generate in unlimited amounts. It’s nifty having these cheats enabled to give you that advantage over your enemies.

Don’t know what to do on a date? Play Pokemon Go!

We went Pokemon hunting on our date and had a blast

pikachuI took a wild shot and suggested we go catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I got lucky and she was excited about it. She didn’t seem like the person who is into anime but I was completely wrong. Never judge a book by their cover.

Before the date, I had to find out where all the Pokemon were spawning. I used a Pokemon Go GPS hack and locator to check where the nests were. Any place they were spawning in high numbers with a lot of rares too. The hack also helped me find out where other players currently were hanging out, if I needed to we could avoid huge crowds at any time. I was completely out of Pokeballs but the hacking tool helped me out by giving me a bunch of Pokecoins! I loaded up on a bunch of Pokeballs and potions before heading out. Locked and loaded! I was ready!

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