An Amazing Night of Gaming on my Playstation 4 with my Girl

online multiplayer

Since my girlfriend is all the way in France visiting her family we decided to spend our night together playing games on our PS4s. My girlfriend didn’t have Playstation Plus and she didn’t want to spend any money just for one night of gaming. I eventually found a Playstation Plus code generator that gave me a working code for a one-year subscription! It’s more than what we needed but oh well, it was free anyways. (more…)

Best way to get Unlimited Energy for Last Day on Earth Survival

I searched for some way to get energy for Last Day on Earth Survival without having to wait until it recharged. It’s a pain having to wait a few hours just to play again. I got tired of it, there had to be some kind of hack online that would easily let me run around anywhere without losing any energy. I did a quick search on Google and found a Last Day on Earth: Survival hack that not only promised that I would never run out of energy. It also had the ability to give me coins and use a cheat that would enable god mode. That means I would never die against any zombies I come across. It does kind of suck that it’s disabled if there are other players on the map. It will give you a warning if it’s been disabled. So you don’t end up dying and end up losing all your items. (more…)