Why you shouldn’t Hack your girlfriend’s Instagram

Hacked Girlfriends Instagram

I started to get very self-conscious when I noticed my girlfriend was constantly on Instagram.  She’d always be laughing and smiling.  Me being the jealous type got the best of me.  I wanted to spy on what she was looking at or who she was talking to.  I didn’t want to make it obvious, so I used an Instagram hack a friend recommended to me.  Her phone was password protected, and it needed to have her fingerprint scanned before it could be accessed.  Taking her iPhone from her would have been useless.

Downloading the Instagram hack to my Android phone was pretty straight forward.  I just had to change a few settings on my phone to allow the APK file to install.  I started up the app right away after I finished installing.  I have no idea why but my heart was pounding at this moment.  Maybe it’s because of the excitement of what I will found or it could have been the anxiety of getting caught.  The disclaimer at the beginning clearly started it would be all under my responsibility if the person I were hacking found out.  I still went ahead with it anyways.

I went through all the menus and snooped around to see what it could do.  The cool thing is that you can remotely hack anyone.  I entered in my GF’s Instagram name then started the hack.  It ran through a bunch of stuff and spewed out a bunch of data that didn’t make sense to me.  After a few minutes, it showed on the screen that it was successful at hacking the account!  At this point, I was jumping for joy!

The first thing I went spying on were her DMs.  I checked every guy’s DM that they sent to her.  Some were just her guy friends talking about random stuff.  Others were complete pervs, but thankfully she would just ignore them instead of leading them on.  Nothing seemed like she was cheating on me.  I was all worried over nothing.  My girl is loyal.  Yay!  So being the stupid idiot that I am I decided to check out the rest of her conversations she was having.  They were all full of silly memes.  No wonder she was laughing so much.

I finally felt relieved again.  Here’s the thing.  I accidentally sent a reply to one of her friends!  This is the beginning of where I messed up so hard.  The next day I saw her friend that I messaged, my gf was with me too.  So naturally, she asked about that message.  My girlfriend told her she had no idea what she was talking about.  I’m over beside her looking as guilty as ever, I couldn’t hide it.  There was a long pause in between that conversation.

When we got home, my GF asked me if I hacked her Instagram account.  I eventually admitted to it because I didn’t want to lie.  Yup, she freaked out and went on about how I should just trust her, I broke into her private life, and on, and on.  We eventually took a break from this.  We’re back together right now, but it can get edgy sometimes.  Let this be a lesson to you guys.  If you’re going to hack someone’s social media accounts, don’t mess with anything in there.  Just look at what you need to and leave.

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