Don’t know what to do on a date? Play Pokemon Go!

We went Pokemon hunting on our date and had a blast

pikachuI took a wild shot and suggested we go catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I got lucky and she was excited about it. She didn’t seem like the person who is into anime but I was completely wrong. Never judge a book by their cover.

Before the date, I had to find out where all the Pokemon were spawning. I used a Pokemon Go GPS hack and locator to check where the nests were. Any place they were spawning in high numbers with a lot of rares too. The hack also helped me find out where other players currently were hanging out, if I needed to we could avoid huge crowds at any time. I was completely out of Pokeballs but the hacking tool helped me out by giving me a bunch of Pokecoins! I loaded up on a bunch of Pokeballs and potions before heading out. Locked and loaded! I was ready!

Here’s a list of things the Pokemon Go hack can do:

  • Use a joystick or auto walk by spoofing the GPS
  • As much candy as you want
  • Stardust generator
  • Pokecoins generator
  • Find out where Pokemon are spawning

Wait for special events

There’s another Pokemon Go event coming out in July, which is releasing a legendary Pokemon and new game features. This is a great opportunity to go out and have some fun while being surrounded by a bunch of other crazy people out there trying to catch em all. It should make you both feel more comfortable since there other others around you with the same interest. If you’re worried about the amount of humans surrounding the girl or guy you took out. Don’t worry. You’re going to have them to yourself at the end of the day. Unless the date goes horribly wrong…

So! Take this opportunity to get close to them, play around and even make them miss catching a rare Pokemon. It’s a game, don’t take it too seriously. In the end, the more that you can make them laugh the better. There was this one time caught a Psyduck and renamed it after a pet name after a girl I took out. I sent her a screenshot of it a couple of days later. She sends me a “LMAO” text and another one following telling me I could have caught her “Pokemon” if I wasn’t such a gentleman that night. We met up a few days later and went back to her place and got to play with her Pokemon collection.

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