Best way to get Unlimited Energy for Last Day on Earth Survival

I searched for some way to get energy for Last Day on Earth Survival without having to wait until it recharged. It’s a pain having to wait a few hours just to play again. I got tired of it, there had to be some kind of hack online that would easily let me run around anywhere without losing any energy. I did a quick search on Google and found a Last Day on Earth: Survival hack that not only promised that I would never run out of energy. It also had the ability to give me coins and use a cheat that would enable god mode. That means I would never die against any zombies I come across. It does kind of suck that it’s disabled if there are other players on the map. It will give you a warning if it’s been disabled. So you don’t end up dying and end up losing all your items.

last day on earth red zonesGoing in red zones and trying to survive against the tougher zombies is nearly impossible if you run in there naked with crappy weapons.  Having the best possible weapon is essential to survive against hordes of zombies.  Guns can quickly take down zombies, even in large groups you shouldn’t be afraid, 2 shots of a pistol is usually all it takes to take down basic roaming zombies.  Looting a plane crash or drops are the most rewarding, they give you the most loot and rare gear.  You can find vault codes in red zones which are hidden away in USB sticks.

As you progress through the game you’ll find how hard it is to actually build and maintain everything.  But that’s the fun thing about the game, it’s all based on survival skills.  Something that most zombie survival games out today share in common.  There is no real objective you just have to survive and gather items and keep leveling up.  If your character happens to die you start over again with a new character but you still keep your base and stats.  But whatever items you had on you before you died can get looted and taken.  Unless you run back to where you died and gather it all again.  Dying in your home base will grant you access to your corpse which you can take items from.  Sometimes you’ll get rewarded with weapons or gear if you survive for a certain amount of time before you die.  The longer you live the better the item.

I highly recommend you check out the hack for LDE:S.  I could actually sit down for hours and play the game, gathering wood, stones, and other essential items I’ll need for basic tasks.  Like making food and material for better weapons and armor.  I haven’t leveled up to the point where I could join a clan but it is something I am looking forward to doing.  Raiding and fighting other clans seems like a ton of fun!

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